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About CTmusic

Carsten Tradowsky (CT) is passionate about music. He is turning knobs since he was a child. After playing Organ, Keyboards and Guitar, he started working in Sound Engineering. During his studies, he worked at the Institute of Music and Acoustics at the Center for Art and Media (ZKM), Karlsruhe. After finishing his studies in 2011, he founded CTmusic to continue what he had already begun...


This is where the heart of CTmusic lies. We work with musicians to share these unforgettable moments that only happen during live concerts. We make your concert an extraordinary experience for your audience and yourself.
Experience what we have done already and imagine what we could do together:


This is an important piece of CTmusic. A lot of artists struggle to get noticed outside their rehearsal room. We are there to support you. We record and produce your CD or your video showcase. We even promote your work and book gigs for you.
Learn what we have already done and how we can help you:


May it be an open air event, a concert, or a gala dinner. We plan, organize and operate your event. Last but not least, we always provide full service. This package will make your event an unforgettable moment that you and your guests will remember.
Your event deserves to be sensational. See what other events looked like:
...more coming soon...


There are so many things happening. See what we have been doing recently. CTmusic operates an interactive blog for you to get involved.

Take a look and follow us.

Live.Sound.Engineering Studio.Music.Production Event.Operation


You are interested in our services? You are not sure, whether your idea is realizable? You are on a tight budget?

There is no reason to worry. We are here to make it happen! Tell us your story via email and we get back to you with an individual offer:



Alexander Mabros Magic
Jazzclub Karlsruhe
Marianne Martin
Musikhaus Rudert
Volker Kuentz



We solely use high-end studio euqipment by Midas and DBX. We have AKG, ElectroVoice, Neumann, Sennheiser and Shure Microphones. This is supplemented with selected digital equipment like converters, computers and FX. We use Sommer Cables, Neutrik connectors and K&M stands.

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